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Accepting what is

The Super Bowl game yesterday left hearts aching. This was a down to the wire, achingly close, heartbreak of a loss, one that will be talked about and felt for days yet. I know that for myself there is disappointment, frustration, gratitude, and I am trying really hard for acceptance (if I am being honest).

The game does however offer a great opportunity to practice radical acceptance. What is radical acceptance? It is accepting what cannot be changed, when we have no control over something. Many times each day we have the choice to accept something or we can try to fight against it even though we cannot affect the outcome. Being able to accept something, especially something that is so upsetting is hard to do. You may have to practice acceptance over and over again to get to the place where you fully accept the reality.

The truth of the game was that it was a great game. There were fantastic plays, amazing catches, and wonderful runs. Not only that, but it was a great season. What stays in your mind however is the last stinging play. So it is too with life. Often, one upsetting moment in your day can overshadow other things that were equally as important or impactful. However what we remember is the one that hurts and takes away from the positive things in life that were also experienced.

The beauty of radical acceptance is it can help you get to the place where you are able to accept that which you cannot change and balance the upsetting emotions with the more positive emotions. So I know what I have to do. I have to keep working at acceptance and not replaying that last play over and over in my mind and instead accept what is, so I can remember the more positive aspects of this past season.

I encourage each of you to practice acceptance where you can so it does not distract from the reality that there were also great things.

Be well,


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