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A good day

mountains, nature, sunset, personHave you ever noticed that we named ourselves “The Good Life Institute” and not “The Great Life Institute”?  There is reason behind this.  This is our attempt at embracing the middle path, the grey, the in between.  This is our attempt to constantly acknowledge that life is both great and terrible.  This is our attempt at not having an “all or nothing” thought for the name of our practice.  Sometimes people look for the “great” over and over and over and can’t seem to find it or maintain “great” in their lives.  I think that there are great moments, but great can’t happen all the time because then it wouldn’t be great anymore.  Many of us get so discouraged about not having enough great moments that we miss out the good ones, the neutral ones, the regular, the ordinary which is what most of our lives consist of.  We are not always in crisis and we are not always having a grand time.  The more we pay attention to the in between moments, the more we find our own “Good Life”.

So, here are 5 things you can do today to notice your good life:
1- Focus on today and what you want today to be instead of what you wanted yesterday to be.
2- Pay attention to what is actually happening right now in the moment as you’re reading this.
3- Pay attention to the people in your life today and try to remember why you love them.
4- Do something productive.
5- Do something you enjoy!

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