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And then there is that mountain to climb



Okay, so they are not always a mountain but each and every day we all face challenges. No one is immune. Some are small bumps in the road and others truly seem like impassable mountains. The amazing thing is that we all have well rehearsed behavioral patterns for most things so we don’t have to spend too much time on one problem. Usually, these behavioral patterns are so well rehearsed that they are automatic. Other times, to get through something it takes an excruciating amount of thought, determination, and skill.

I marvel at the talent and creativity we all have to help us achieve our goals and get over those mountains. As a therapist I have heard many stories about how people overcome and conquer their challenges. No two stories were the same. Sometimes people ask for help, other times they sit down and write a list, and sometimes they need to take a mental vacation in order to come back and see things differently. One thing they all have in common though is that the most successful attempts at “climbing the mountain” to get to the other side is that people take small steps and keep going. Break down your challenge into smaller achievable parts and just take one at a time. How you actually go about doing this though is up to you. Different legs of the climb may require different skills or tools, so having a variety of strategies is important and can help you adapt as you go.

What behavior patterns do you have when met with a challenge? Which ones are helpful and which ones get in the way? At what point do you reach out for help or guidance? What do you wish you would do differently next time? Challenge yourself and your behavior patterns often.

So tell us… what challenge did you face today? What did you do that helped you out and made that challenge more manageable? Sometimes it takes a village and that is okay. Post your thoughts below. I am excited to hear what you all have to say!


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