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Attacking the anxiety

I love having people walk in my office with anxiety!  That might sound strange but did you know, anxiety is one of the most treatable mental health diagnoses?  And, so many, many people have some form of anxiety.  The problem for many is that they are looking for a cure.  I am here to tell you that there is no cure for anxiety, rather there are some very effective management strategies.  I have proof too because I have may fair share of anxiety but I have been using these strategies for years and my anxiety is much better than when I was in college or in my early marriage.  I know of many therapists who deal with anxiety as well and they, too, have learned to live with anxiety using these same strategies.  It doesn’t mean we never feel anxious, we have learned to not to hang on to it when it shows up.

At the core of managing almost, if not all anxiety challenges, is practicing exposure.  Exposure to the fear!  The means looking straight at what you fear most and letting it know that you can handle it.  And, in some cases, learning or teaching your brain that you can handle it.  And, your brain can learn.  It learned to be scared, it can learn to be unscared.

What drives anxiety to keep going?  Most often it is some form of avoidance.  Humans are MASTERFUL at avoidance.  And, worry is probably the most common form of avoidance and the most sneaky.  In order to prevent from anxiety from reinforcing itself, you gotta learn how to avoid avoiding.

The coolest part is that once you figure out how you’re avoiding, and how to do more exposing to the fear, you begin to attack the anxiety instead of letting it attack you.

Want to know more?  Let us know.  Much of our Fundamentals group covers some major parts of managing anxiety management skills and we are well-trained in focusing individual work on anxiety management.

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