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Best foot forward

Well, it is upon us… the last few days of 2014. No matter if you are someone who makes a New Year resolution or not, this is often a time of reflection and anticipation.

Looking back at the past year I hope you find yourself remembering the good times, the challenging times, and everything in between. Of course we cannot change the past. But we can learn and grow from it. As we get ready to ring in the new year and are reflecting on the last year notice your faults, but do not dwell on them or allow them to become your narrative. Allow yourself time to think of your accomplishments – the things you are most proud of.  Give yourself credit for them and use your strengths to further your successes in the future. But do not forget that success is not the entire story.

Looking into the future can be exciting and help you plan your path. However, just as it is possible to spend too much time looking backward,  dwelling for too long on the future can be overwhelming and create unnecessary anxiety. What kinds of things are you hoping to accomplish? What sort of support will you need to do this? What are some barriers to making this goal a reality? Remember to make your goals small, achievable, and realistic.

No matter how you will be celebrating the new year, or if you choose a resolution to focus on, I wish you all the best. So here’s to new beginnings, shedding the things we want to let go of, and carrying with us our strengths, hopes, and perseverance for facing whatever lies ahead.





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