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Choosing Balance


I have written three posts today and all of them have been terrible.  So, I am noticing that maybe I have been a little more stressed out than necessary and maybe need to do something other than write a post.  Instead of writing a long blog post, I’m going to take the day and enjoy some moments where I will choose to have nothing to do.  I say this because there is always something to do.  Always.  But, I have noticed more and more that I feel badly when I feel like I’m moving from one task to the next and don’t get time to relax and enjoy.  So, today I choose to let it go and really live in the moment recognizing that none of those tasks are life and death.  I CHOOSE to have nothing to do.

And with that, I invite you and encourage you to let something go if you need to.  Pay attention to your stress level.  If it’s too high, recognize what is necessary and what isn’t (vacuuming usually isn’t) and take a moment to be mindful, be in the moment, and enjoy choosing to have nothing to do.

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