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Client Stories | Tacoma Counseling for depression, anxiety, and relationships

landscape, mountains, natureI want to start telling some client stories to give you a feel of what is like to work with us.  This lovely client came in with pretty chronic anxiety and often referred to her coping method as the “ostrich in the sand.”  She worked very hard and practiced the anxiety-management skills as well as some relationship skills and as I sent her off, this is what she shared with me about her experience:

“I would highly recommend seeking help from The Good Life Institute if you are struggling with anxiety. My time here has made a tremendous difference in my ability to live with my own challenges with it. I was initially hesitant to make an appointment, but I am so glad that I did.

Kariah introduced me to exposure therapy, which is amazing. This allows you to explore the outcomes of what will happen if your fear actually does occur, and then identify that in spite of this occurrence, you will be okay. Addressing the “So What?” of my anxieties helped me come to terms with these fears and alleviated the stress that came along with trying to control them, even if I couldn’t. Reassuring myself that I would be okay in any situation has proven to be a useful tool for my development. I find that I am more confident and spend less time worrying about the “what-ifs” in life.

I have also learned how to set healthy boundaries with my family and friends.  Setting these boundaries and consistently enforcing them has caused a huge drop in my anxiety and stress levels. As a result, my relationships are healthier. I have found that when clear boundaries are communicated and enforced, there is a lot less tension. This, in turn, has allowed me to communicate and express myself better with my family and friends.

Although working on both of these things were intimidating at times, it was well worth it. I feel as if my time at The Good Life Institute has helped to equip me with the tools to address my anxiety and make way for more happiness in my life. I will carry these tools along with me and have the ability to use them at any time. The emotional investment spent on self-reflection and development is well worth the result.”

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