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Counseling for Couples

Hands, Heart, Love, Romantic, Sunset, WomanEvery couple runs into challenges throughout the course of their relationship.  This is normal.  Sometimes, it’s necessary to have an outside source help coach the individuals in the relationship into developing new patterns or awareness for more successful problem-solving.  According to some research, most couples come too late to therapy and problem-solving has become impossible.  Even so, we believe that most couples can be helped if both are willing to try and put in the effort.

Couples therapy is some of the hardest work to do but the most rewarding for us and the couple.  To come in as a couple to try to work on challenges is not for the faint of heart but if the individuals trust the therapy process, the result can be meaningful and rewarding.

Megan and Kariah have both been trained in couples therapy and enjoy this work.  We are familiar and experienced in helping people apply Gottman principals, utilizing EFT, family systems theories, and using our DBT background in helping couples.

Typically when a couple comes in, they work with one therapist and this may be all they need.  Many times, however, their are unique circumstances that each individual needs to work on.  We can also provide a unique program for couples in which each individual receives individual therapy in effort to improve their own functioning and that of the relationship.  Our office set up allows us to see you together, apart, or both during the session time frame.  Megan and Kariah have a history of collaborating together and seek to utilize both of their skills and strengths to offer a comprehensive and effective couple’s therapy experience.

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