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Dear Client

love, heart, hand, romanticI have absolutely felt honored these last few months as I have met some amazing people who have come to me as clients.  When I was in graduate school, we often talked about “therapy gifts” or those moments where your client begins to be vulnerable and share something that perhaps they have never shared with anyone or allowed him/herself to be vulnerable with someone who is pretty much a complete stranger.  I bow to those who come in my office and have the courage and strength to seek insight, to reflect, to glance in the mirror, and to embrace change.  Daily, I feel greatly blessed to have heard your story and felt of your human-ness.  Every day,  you remind of the power of human connection.  So much research has emphasized at the important of the relationship when someone comes to therapy.  I do an internal “jump for joy” when I sense that we are going beyond the superficial and are building connection and I continue to be honored to have the chance to know people in this way.  So, dear client, you may be seeking help for your relationship, you depression, your insomnia, or your negative self-dialogue, and while we will work to find answers for you, know that I feel of your strength and my belief that human connection is a powerful healer is reinforced as I, too, continue to be renewed by you.

Until next time,

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