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Dreams come true!!

Welcome!  We are sooooo excited to begin this journey with our first post.  Here is a little of our story:

Megan and I became office neighbors at a behavioral health clinic  in June 2011.  I was returning from maternity leave with my first baby and she was changing jobs after her maternity leave.  We became instant friends after discovering our children were only 1 day apart.  As we worked together, we began to realize that we had overlapping interests: we enjoyed working with families, couples, adolescents, and that our styles were very similar.  When you work in an intensive field like mental health, consultation and connection with other clinicians becomes vital for both survival and growth.  Megan and I relied on each other for both professional and over time, personal support.

I remember the first moments when we began our “one day when….” conversations.  We wanted to work with couples, run groups, help parents, provide consultation.  The dreaming started as random conversations here and there but began to grow.  These conversations increased, they expanded, they developed…..

Prior to 2013, work began to be very challenging.  This has nothing to do with the clients we were seeing; that was the easy part.  As general health care changes, organizations try to keep up the pace.  It is known to those in the helping profession that often the business people and clinical people never seem to collaborate well.  And, the challenges from the organization were sinking into our work, our own self-care, and into the lives of our families.  Our dreaming became our method of survival.

We had joked about ending up pregnant at the same time and using maternity leave to put our dreaming into action.  In September 2013, I rushed into work to share my news.  About 2 weeks later, Megan, too, had the same news.  With our babies coming to this world three days apart, the stars aligned for us to build our practice.

So, here it is: The Good Life Institute.  Why?  Because everyone deserves to gain the insight and learn the skills necessary to have a good life.   We believe in the cognitive-behavioral approach and understand dynamics of systems.  Together these two perspectives provide a foundation for change that does improve lives.  We have seen change in our clients and without restraints of a large organization, we can now practice how we feel is most beneficial to the clients we serve.  We invite you to enjoy our blog as we will share articles, insights, perspectives, and the joys of good life.  If you are interested in attending our groups or beginning individual therapy with one of us, send us a message.



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