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“Everything is awesome!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you have watched the Lego Movie recently, you might have had this song in your head.  My daughter even changes the words to say that she is awesome.  And, even though everything might not be awesome, I will tell you what is.

In the last several days, I have met several wonderful people.  All were very different and the context of the meeting was quite diverse.  A few people I met were in a professional context, some in a very personal setting, and one situation was purely fun.  I found myself feeling very fulfilled and happy, even with very full days, having spent time with these “awesome” individuals.

People are “awesome”.  Though it’s been said many times, everyone has their own unique story and needs, at some point, to tell it.  It fascinates me over and over that no two stories are the same.

I have been following HONY or Humans of New York for a little while.  If you’re not familiar with them, a photographer decided to do quick interviews with people all over NYC and posts excerpts of their personal story.  Though very short interviews, I find myself drawn in and curious about the individuals.  I often end up discussing with my husband the brief stories we have read for the day from HONY.  I feel for those with challenging stories and laugh with the comical entries.

So, why then, do I get so fed up with people a times?  Why do I get irritated and find myself saying things like “people are stupid.”  Truthfully, if I really think about it, it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me.  If I judge their story against my own, it’s possible to feel jealous and envious or perhaps “better than.”  Sometimes I hold others to such high expectations: “maybe they should have called”, or “don’t they know how to be a friend” or “how could they say that” and forget that I only hope that others won’t hold their expectations of me so high as I am bound to fail those who are around me.  And don’t I hope that my mistakes and imperfections, will be just that instead of defining me as anything less than “awesome”?  Maybe I should stop defining others as anything less than “awesome.”

Sure, there are some people that I am less compatible with, but that’s just incompatibility, not un-awesomeness.  I wish I could always define it as this instead of judging that somehow that person to be at fault in some way.  I am aware of this and my job working with clients, thankfully,  has taught me to notice and challenge my judgments, but because I am human, sometimes I don’t want to or fail to.  And, for many of those clients I see, the hang up on judgments in their life gets in the way of their wellness.

When I finally let my own confidence issues go like I have in the past few days and focus on the individual, whether compatible or incompatible, I continue to find that “everyone is awesome” and I feel “awesome” too! ~Kariah

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