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For the body, for the soul, for the brain

I have posted about this before and I’ll probably post about it again.  This morning I was fortunate to go for a walk in the mountains of southern Colorado as the sun was just coming up.  The air was crisp and the scenery was breathtaking as the sun peeked through the pine trees.  We walked at least 4 miles and by then end, my body was warm despite the crisp air and my brain was happy.

This little experience was yet another reminder of the body’s need to move and be mindful.  We are built to move with joints throughout our body that help us engage in activity.  And we are built to experience with our senses picking up vast amounts of details about the world around us.

I want to emphasize the need to have moments of movement and moments of experiencing.  A big part of managing depression and anxiety is using built-in anti-depressants to keep mood stable.  All of us can move and all of us can experience and these are powerful protectors of our brains.

Our Fundamentals class, that should be beginning soon, is loaded with ways to experience and engage in activity.  I invite people again and again and again to reflect and determine if they are creating balance with both movement and experience.

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