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Friends in Wellness

Last time, Megan posted about self-care, a “back burner” subject for many who are experiencing significant stress, depression, anxiety, etc.  We are in the business of helping people achieve optimal self-care to reduce their anxiety, depression, or whatever condition it may be.   Back in the days when ideas were being tossed around about The Good Life Institute and what it would become, we dreamed of networking with other wellness professionals to provide a complete pathway to wellness.  We struck gold!  And, we have found some amazing individuals with the same goal for wellness for our clients.

We are excited to introduce our “friends in wellness” at the Serenity Spa in Tacoma.  They not only have awesome spa services, but also have a naturopathic physician in-house to provide holistic and an alternative path to primary care.  In our discussions with them, they want to see their clients not only experience pampering when coming to the spa but to experience healing and long-term good health.  Their spa has a wonderful atmosphere and their vision aligns so perfectly with that of The Good Life Institute.   Please stay tuned for some great things coming in the near future!


Please check out their website at and visit them as well on FB.

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