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Giving unconventional thanks

As we head into Thanksgiving week there are many things for which I am thankful. I am thankful for my family, good friends, my health, and that I get to do what I love to do for a living. However, there are also things in my life that I am thankful for that are less obvious.


I am thankful for the challenging moments during the day. They remind me that most of the time I actually have it pretty good. I am thankful for the Seattle rain as this brings the green, lush scenery we are so very lucky for and makes me deeply appreciate the sunny days even more. I am thankful for grieving the loss of loved ones because that means I was also lucky enough to have them as part of my life and shows the deep love that was shared. I appreciate the challenging moments because they make me grateful for the wonderful moments as I know how unpleasant it can be sometimes. It reminds me of the resilience and strengths I have and that it will not always be this way. Dealing with challenges presents me with the opportunity to work on honing my skills, the same skills that I get to talk with others about daily. In my opinion, struggle is where the learning happens, where we get to put our skills to the test find out what works for us and what doesn’t.

In therapeutic terms what I have described above is the ability to reframe. ¬†Reframing takes something that at first glance looks or feels negative, but when looked at from a different perspective a new “frame” of reference brings new insight and a more productive view of the subject. Perhaps it can also provide some relief from situations of which we have no control and cannot change. There is a flip side to every coin.


And thanks to all of you who support us and challenge us each day.

Be well,


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