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Goodbye summer

photo-5I am a summer girl. I love the sun, long days, cool nights, being outside, and refreshing lemonade. So as the summer is winding down, so is my lovely, wonderful maternity leave with my new little one. I have had a fantastic summer, but alas, it is time to get back to work. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do and excited to get back. I can’t help reflect on these last few months, the changes in my life, opening our practice, and finally doing what I want. I am reminded though that our path to what we want is not always straight. We all take detours, life happens, and our best laid plans somehow get altered without our consent sometimes. We have no choice but to make it work for us. We all make sacrifices and compromises in order to maintain our big picture goal for ourselves. Though sometimes those sacrifices and unforeseen detours are upsetting, annoying, and frustrating we all experience them. What matters is what you do with them…if you let them derail you or if you sit back and enjoy the scenery. This is how we build character.

I am glad that not everything works according to plan, setbacks and disappointments just make life more interesting. If life always worked in your favor and plans were never changed, I think that would be boring just as if it was always summer. I appreciate the seasonal changes, for it gives me perspective, and helps me love summer that much more. So with that, I am sad to see summer and my maternity leave come to an end, and I am equally excited to get to to work. I think the challenge for all of us is to remember that when things do not happen the way we hoped or planned for, in many cases, it does not change our destination, unless we want it to. So here is to letting life happen, unfolding the way it will, and never letting go of the big picture. The detours are just detours.


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