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Tomorrow Megan and I will participate in an event about happiness and how building skills builds happiness.  As I ponder about the course of events for the last year in building our dream, I can’t help but be grateful for the opportunity to have a private practice with wonderful clients who trust me with their stories and symptoms.  I also am deeply grateful for the opportunity tomorrow to speak and to reach out to others to help them improve their happiness.  I am humbled by the opportunities and outlook on the horizon for great things to occur.

This is just one moment I am taking in my day to consider my blessings and be grateful.  I think being grateful and reflecting on the “haves” vs the “have-nots” is one of the greatest built-in anti-depressants we have.  When we allow ourselves to see our life through a lens of gifts, blessings, or opportunities, even among difficult times, our brain cannot help feeling good.  It’s as if there is no room for negativity when we truly are grateful.

A long time ago, I went to a small college in a very cold place.  My apartment was uphill in the snow and I HATED trekking up the icy sidewalk.   There would be sideways blizzards where the wind would blow so hard that it blow the snow sideways.  It would feel like it was snowing but it wasn’t coming from the sky.  I would often reach home soaking wet from the snow blowing at me.  I didn’t know how I would survive the winter.  I started saying what I was grateful for on my way home because someone had challenged me that there was always something to be grateful for.  Once I started, it seemed like it took a while to find things especially as freezing cold as I was, but as I pushed myself to think about what I was truly grateful for, the thoughts started to come.  The more I practiced, oddly, the more I actually looked forward to my walks home because I would lose myself in my head in deep gratitude and didn’t even notice the snow anymore.  At some point, spring came, and my gratitude came full circle.

If you find yourself in the “depression hole” or having a bad day, push yourself to be grateful.  I, too, give  you the challenge as I now believe that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

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