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Individual Therapy

Clothes, Fashion, Hat, Jacket, Man, PersonWe believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their skills to have a more enjoyable life.  Life will hands us curveballs, that is a given.  Sometimes coping is a challenge and we need an extra bit of help to get us through or to learn how to manage our “chronic curveballs”.  Therapy is nothing more than helping you help yourself in effort to have a more enjoyable life.

Megan and Kariah have training in cognitive-behavioral interventions particularly exposure therapy and behavioral activation, are foundationally-trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), have training in couples and family therapy, and are skilled in working with adolescents.  We offer our knowledge and expertise to our clients and invite them to team with us in creating a plan for improving their function and ultimately their life.

Individual therapy is helpful for those interested in seeking change for patterns of behaviors that worsen mental health conditions, damage relationships, and ultimately impact functional and satisfactory living.  Individual therapy is a one-on-one meeting with either Megan and Kariah for approximately 55 minutes.


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