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It’s the little things

I always tell my husband that it is the little things that matter. This goes for everyone. As Kariah mentioned in her last post, we have had many discussions about couples coming in for counseling as a way to maintain the relationship not necessarily as a fix for when it is broken. For things to work properly we must work on maintaining these systems. I mention the little things because often it is these things that can make or break a relationship over the long haul. As you all know, relationships are a lot of hard work and maintaining them is no exception. The good news is that taking a little time each day to nurture that relationship will go a long way. It is far easier to work on problems when they are small and more manageable rather than when they have got out of hand and engrained in our everyday lives.

Many times I wonder if the success and progress in therapy with couples is simply having a specific, structured, set aside time each week to focus solely on the relationship and look at the little things. To give the relationship the attention and nurturing that it needs and deserves. So here is to long lasting, rewarding, and rejuvenating relationships and making them the best they can be by focusing on the little everyday things!


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