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Just breathe

Phew. So after a very rough week and and an even more difficult start to this week I have found myself feeling drained both emotionally and physically. I will admit that thinking about writing this blog post tonight had me wound up tight. My mind was racing with ideas, thoughts, and topics all of which I want to share with you all. However I was trying to do this while also baking cookies, giving the kids a bath, and thinking of all the things I needed to accomplish before climbing into bed tonight. My first thought was “why did I think it was a good idea to bake cookies tonight?!” Second, I could feel anger start to seep in, that things have been so hectic with no seeming end in sight.

Then all of a sudden with clarity I just stopped. I stopped my mind from spinning and getting ahead of its self and I just breathed. I breathed mindfully for the first time in a few days. It felt good. I could feel the anxiety and frustration start to dissipate. I felt my body relax and more importantly I noticed the sweet sound of my kids laughing while the thoughts in my head fell away.

So for all of you folks out there tonight that are feeling wound up, tense, thoughts swirling around…this one is for you. I am with you. Let’s harness the power of mindfulness with something that we have with us no matter where we are. The breath.

Be well,


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