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Just when we think we can’t do any more

This weekend taught me a valuable lesson. One that I have encountered before but this time maybe it will stick. It was Friday morning and the day started off great. I was very excited for a long holiday weekend, the promise of nice spring-like weather, and a to do list that I was actually excited about tackling. As Friday started wearing on, I became acutely aware that I was no longer feeling well and the prospect of staying at work was out of the question. I had to cancel my last two clients…the stomach flu was coming on. Some how I made it home but not before having to make an emergency stop on the side of the road. Fantastic start to the weekend. I was determined this was a fluke and I was going to feel better now. No such luck. Not only that but dread was descending down on me as I realized my spouse was out of town for the night. I thought “I have no idea how I am going to pull this off with two young kids.” I immediately starting thinking of a back up plan, calling on my support system. I know I could have called on family or friends. Instead I made an executive decision to quarantine myself for as long as possible so as not to spread this lovely germ I had inherited along the way.

Some how I made it through. I had no idea how I would. I had envisioned chaos at the house, the kids eating whatever they wanted, ice cream? I don’t care. Cookies? Sure go a head. Falling asleep wherever they may happen to crash. This was my worst case scenario. The reality however was that the kids were fed, put to bed on time, and seemed content enough. This is not because I think I am a talented mom or deserve a cape, but that this is simply how things go. Just when I thought I couldn’t do anything more, I just simply did. Looking back of course, I know that all I did was put one foot in front of the other, taking one thing at a time, not daring myself to look too far into the future because that just seemed impossible. My body only let me think of the moment, nothing more. No use in planning things out now, just go with it. It won’t always be this way became my mantra.

The lessons I have learned before but have been too stubborn to keep at hand are this: it does take a village sometimes and though I didn’t enlist mine I knew they were there and that’s all that matters. It takes time, love, patience, and nurturing to build this support and thank goodness it is there as it helps calms the fears. Secondly, expectations can be hard. As I slowly watched my weekend slip away, I filled that space with acceptance that I am where I am, doing what I am doing, and that is all there is. Of course there are many other lessons from this weekend but for now that is all there is. Until next time.

Be well,


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