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Life happens

This has been a very strange week for me.  I have lots of thoughts going on in my head and I will try to effectively articulate them so that they may cause a pause or give food for thought for anyone who might be reading.  It’s very interesting to me that we are all in this world experiencing our various events and circumstances and that we feel we are sometimes so very isolated in these experiences.  It’s interesting to me that life events are happening simultaneously and that we have little to no idea about these because we are consumed by our own experiences.  Not that this is bad, but it just is.  However, when we take a step back and see life for all of us is full of moments and circumstances that are constantly changing and shifting, it can provide a “big picture” perspective to our own life experiences.

Let me clarify.  This week on the same day, as I glanced through social media I was deeply saddened by a catastrophe of good friends’ son who was killed.  On the very same day, I smiled with joy as I discovered an old good friend gave birth to a beautiful boy.  I was excited for another friend who was able to have a baby after having a difficult pregnancy.  And, was heartbroken to hear of a family member with yet another complicating factor to an illness.  It’s interesting to be how on the same day, such varied events can occur.  And each event influenced how I thought about my own life.

For me, recognizing the potential of life events to continue to change helps me to cope with my own challenges.  I know that one moment can be joyful and the next hurt, but that hurtful moment will dissipate and change and progress to another moment if I allow it.  It also helps me see that emotions are constantly shifting and changing and moving and influenced by a million different things.

Perhaps, take a step back this weekend and look around.  What are people going through around you?  How does it impact you?  Can you join in grief with someone?  And can you participate in joy with someone else?  Notice how your emotions can fluctuate.  Then take a look at your own life and allow the moments to shift and change and recognize each experience as a moment on a chain of moments.

I’d be curious for your thoughts about this if you’d like to leave a comment!

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