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We have all been there before. Getting the ambition and drive to do accomplish something that has been on our list of things to do. Then…we tumble forward, fall on our face, and don’t ever quite get to the point of completing the goal, or even starting it perhaps. You are not alone.

One of my favorite tricks when making a goal for yourself, especially one that may take some time to start seeing results such as that goal of going to the gym and loosing a few stubborn pounds for example. First thing is first, getting started is the hardest part by far, if you get beyond that hurdle, great job. Now it is just hanging on to that motivation and drive to keep going. Okay so here it is. For that long term, “working hard with little immediate results” kind of goal, make it visible. Write it down, post it up, look at it often. Keep this long-term goal in your mind. Make sure to mark off the times you do engage in working toward that goal. This does a couple of things. First it keeps it on your mind, focused, interacting with it daily, marking progress and giving yourself credit for it. Writing it down gives it more power and greater likelihood that you will keep chipping away at it. Secondly, it helps others support you in your goal. Asking about it, talking about it, supporting you through it, again keeping it in rotation and on the brain. Lastly you can see your progress and the hard work you have already given your goal. One day at a time. Didn’t make your goal yesterday? No problem, new day today, keep going and check it off.

Good luck and be well,


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