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Miracle on Monday

Story time. Picture this, it is a gray and rainy Monday morning after a busy but relaxing weekend. Today will be different for me as I am starting part time at a new clinic I have never been to before. I have at least a 45 minute drive ahead of me through this thick, soggy morning. I also get the pleasure of dropping off my wonderful kids before I get on the road. We all pile into the car and I do a quick inventory to triple check that I have all the necessities to make the day as smooth as possible. Kids…check; lunches…check; office keys…check. All set for take off and we begin our routine morning. Suddenly to myself “crap the car needs gas. Okay AFTER I drop off the kids, no need to make this more difficult.” Then from the back seat my son says “mom we forgot my show and tell! We need to go back!” Me: “sorry honey we can’t mommy will be late. We will have to do it next week.” That seems to do the trick as he says “you’re right mom, we will just remember next time.” But to myself a harsh judgement comes unwillingly: “great first mommy fail of the day.”

Reflexively I reach for my coffee tumbler for the first reassuring sip. Shit! I forgot my coffee! We have to go back! I scream in my head. Frantically I look at the clock, no good, have to keep going. I silently weep inside. Realizing how much I rely on  my coffee, not just for the caffeine jolt, but for the comfort of the routine. My mind swims with options. I mainly try to focus on just getting the kids where they need to go because lets be honest…there are worse things in the world other than leaving your coffee behind on a smothering gray day…right? So I drop off the kids, get gas for the car and start my journey. After the radio gets old I look at the clock and still have a half hour of driving to go. Oh how I wish I had my coffee. I rest my arm on the center console and my mind wanders. I mindlessly play with the items left stranded in the console. More time goes by and I feel my caffeine withdrawal headache settle in. Note to self: find a Starbucks. More time goes by. Then suddenly with immediate clarity I realize that I have been flipping the lid of my coffee tumbler for at least the last 10 minutes! I am overjoyed. For some reason I check the rearview mirror as if this will explain how my coffee made it into the car. I don’t care, it’s here and I am now enjoying my first sip with a smile on my face. Then, after a contented sigh I start to wonder how the coffee made it here. Was it here the whole time? No. I am sure of it. I would have seen it right there right where it belongs. Did my husband drop it off in the car while I was dropping the kids off? Most likely scenario. I don’t yet know the actual answer. However, I do know that by some miracle I had my coffee today and the day just got a little better.

So, moral of the story? A few things: my three year old apparently handles distress better than I do, I am so glad to have such wonderful people in my life such as my husband, coffee now needs to go on my “necessities” list each morning but most importantly, mindfulness has its perks.

Wishing you all more mindful moments on Mondays.

Be well,


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