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Reflections 2

Warning: Christmas post

I’m borrowing Megan’s post title from Monday as I, too, have been thinking about the season we are in.  I think there are many ways in which the holidays can be stressful, but today, I would like to share how the holiday season is actually therapeutic for me.

savdec051- Being in the moment.  There are so many opportunities to be in the moment during the season whether it is trying a new flavor of hot chocolate or observing my child’s glee as we pass our neighbors’ homes with Christmas lights.  I am able to let go of the mundane and pay attention to the little things that matter.

2- Connecting spiritually.  I am a spiritual person and Christmas allows me to reflect on my beliefs and faith and remind myself how to be more devoted and what devotion means to me.

3- Fun.  Sometimes the mundane gets in the way of fun.  Weirdly , we let this happen though we all want more fun.  We need fun and enjoyment to manage and prevent depression.  I’m aware that during the holidays, I intentionally plan and focus on having more fun especially for my children.  It’s a reminder to me to plan a little more fun throughout the year.

4- Family.  I miss them at Christmas and as painful as that is to miss them, the missing them reminds me that I love them and I’m glad that I do.

5- Giving.  I love to find the perfect gift.  There is nothing more perfect that watching your loved one enjoying the gift that was especially thought of for them.  I can’t imagine a greater joy.  I am enjoying the anticipation of seeing my children’s faces when they open their gifts and I get to enjoy their enjoyment.

Be merry and mindful and enjoy your holidays!




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