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Only a couple more weeks and we are looking at a new year. As I reflect on this past year there are so many things I am grateful for, challenges I have faced, good times, and trying times. Often times when we take a moment to look back and reflect on something we tend to first make big broad brush strokes such as “this has been a good year” or “I have had a hard time and am looking forward to a new year.” We do this with each day too, we make big brush strokes when we judge our day.

As we say goodbye to this year and hello to a new one, I encourage you to not only make big brush stroke judgements about your emotions, your day, your mood or the week, but notice instead, the intricate ups and downs of your experiences and emotions. Notice the good and the bad, the disappointing with the triumphant. Appreciate each one for what it is knowing that it will all come and go.

As you look back on the year, reflect on the things that you are proud of or that went well. What things have been more difficult and how have you practiced acceptance of those things? What are you looking forward to in the new year and what steps are you going to take to meet that goal? What role have you played in containing or contributing to a challenging circumstance?

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

Be well,


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