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Running thoughts

Athlete Running Through Finish Line

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I write a lot about perspective and the power of thinking.  I am amazed constantly at the power of our thoughts and how changing our thoughts can change so much.  This week, I did an experiment.  I hate running.  Hate.  If you have ever watched people run, they don’t run with a smile.  Most people run with a “cringe” that seems to say, let’s get this over with.  I have that cringe when I run and I probably look like I am about to fall over with the huffing and puffing.  I have decided that I am going to work up to running for a certain distance.  (I won’t tell you how much because I am no marathon runner, and my little runs may make you laugh).  The first day, I decided to watch my distance on the treadmill.  I thought….there’s the key…..that if I saw my distance increasing, I would be more motivated to continue.  Well, I did okay but didn’t make it as far as I wanted.  On day 2, I decided to watch the time instead.  I watched the minutes count down second by second.  I would say things in my head like “only two more minutes until you’ve done 10 minutes” etc.  It was like I was playing these little mind games with myself to make it to the next minute.  Each minute that went by, I felt like I had accomplished something and it gave me more juice to keep going.  I don’t know why the thoughts about distance didn’t work this way, but they didn’t.  So, I stopped using that method of thinking.   On day 3, I added a song that I really like to my music mix and found that this helped immensely and I was able to get through to my goal much easier.

This is SO INTERESTING!  The same activity….the same dreaded activity…..changed with some new thinking and new focus.  I was actually able to accomplish what I don’t enjoy.  And, thus is the power of thinking.  If we practice new thoughts, we will have different experiences.  It just is that way.  So, try it.  Try on some new thinking and see if you can experience something other than a “cringe” while doing something you don’t enjoy.  See what happens.


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