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I am going to continue the conversation from Kariah’s last post about using skills. This is so very important. I think of skills as the foundation for both managing current situations and setting yourself up well to effectively manage other stressors that may come along.

I certainly know that people have skills. However, it is not enough to only have the skills.  In order to be effective we have to be able to employ those skills as needed to get us through the difficult times. Sometimes we need to learn more skills, build on the ones we have or practice them more often. In individual sessions and in group I often get the comment “I wish I would have come into therapy sooner” or “I wish I would have started this group sooner and not waited until it got so bad.” My response: glad you are here now. I find that often people feel they are managing stressors well until one day they wake up and realize they are not handling things as well as they want to be. Stressors can sneak up on us, they don’t have to be big things that hit us square in the face. In fact, often, it is the small everyday stressors that accumulate when one day you realize things aren’t going so well.

Kariah and I are so excited to be offering more groups this year to help you build skills, practice skills, refresh the skills you already have, and introduce some new ones. We are also now offering free mini workshops to help you get a jump start on building your skills. I always tell people that practicing skills is like learning to build shelter in a storm. It is better to know what to do before you get out in the thick of the storm trying to figure it out as you go.

So no matter what stage you are in with practicing or learning skills I encourage you to think about attending one of our mini workshops, signing up for a six week group course and remind yourself that taking time for you is just as important as anything.

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