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As Megan and I build our practice, we recognize the value of individual therapy, of course, but know that there is so much more that supports emotional, mental, and relational health.  Part of our vision is providing other types of services that support what we do in individual therapy.   Free stock photo of desk, pens, school, design


Recently we have been considering workshops that may be of interest to our clients or others in the community.    We would love to hear from you either through a comment, or through our contact form here.   Even if you are not local, we would still love to hear the type of workshop that you wish you could find in your neighborhood.  Here are some of our thoughts for what we would like to offer.

  • Stress, depression, and anxiety skills.
  • Relationship skills
  •  Skills for couples
  • Skills and support for pregnant or new moms (and dads).
  • Parenting
  • Teen social skills
  • Teen support groups
  • Workshop for helping children manage anxiety.
  • Skill workshops for family members of those with extreme behaviors or emotional dysregulation.
  • Mindfulness workshops and practice sessions.
  • Empowering women through building self-esteem, overcoming perfection.

We look forward to knowing what peaks your interest and getting some of these skill classes and workshops started!!!


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