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Today I am grateful for many thing, but I am very grateful for my job.  I just want to express gratitude to my clients for their willingness to work hard, make change, and have faith in me.

Here are the top 5 reasons I love my job!

1- I love the people.  I am amazed at how diverse my client load is and the range of challenges.  The people are the reinforcement always.  I’m always excited to see who is going to walk through the door and know what their story is.

2- I love being able to learn.  With diverse clients, I am always having to ponder, consult, research, and come up with new ways to meet clients’ needs.

3- I have to say this: Being my own boss!  I am way too free-spirited to do it someone else’s way.  With that being said, I want to do it the right way for me and my client and I don’t want anyone else getting in the way.

4- I’m grateful for colleagues.  You know who you are.

5- I love what the training and learning has given me in my own life.  I know that I wouldn’t be nearly as mindful, patient, or tolerate my own anxiety without the help of my job.


One of the reasons I decided to post this is to acknowledge the power of gratitude to combat particularly depression.  Gratitude causes us to slow down and helps us see a new perspective.  When you are truly grateful, it’s challenging to be depressed.  When I’m frustrated, I pull out my gratitude list and things start to seem a little better.

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