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Turning nothing into something

Depending on the day, the time, and the motivation, sometimes we are good at making goals and other times we seem to get stuck and have a hard time just getting started. Setting goals for yourself is productive, helps you feel accomplished, can reduce anxiety, and boost self esteem as we tackle a problem that has possibly been haunting us. Many of us have trouble making goals or even getting started thinking about how to go about doing this. Often the problem seems to overwhelming, too cumbersome to even know where to start. My hope is that this guide will help you take that next step so it no longer looms in the back of your mind.

So whether it is getting through the holidays or thinking about making that New Years resolution this post is for you! Below is an outline to help us think about a specific problem and turn it into something actionable where we can break it down and tackle it piece by piece. Good luck!

1. Write down a problem that you would like to work on

2. Now turn the problem into a goal. State the problem specifically as something you want to increase, decrease, or a skill you want to learn.

3. Now state it in a way that someone can observe whether it occurs or not.

4. Now make sure your goal is stated in a way that you can count the occurrences of the behavior.

5. What will you do to keep track of the occurrence of the behavior .

Best of luck!

Be well,


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