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What is therapy?


Therapy is sitting across (or connecting via video) from a trusted professional who is skilled in understanding human behavior and can help you recognize your own behavior patterns and how you might successfully change those patterns to meet your goals.


What can I expect when I come see you?


After we talk via phone, email, or in person and determine that you feel comfortable coming to see us, we'll set up an Intake Appointment.  Prior to the intake appointment, we'll send you an email with paperwork to fill out to prepare for your session.  When you come in or video us, we will get to know you, ask you some questions about your life, what's challenging for you, and what you want to change and improve about your life.  You don't have to prepare, but are welcome to come with questions or thoughts that you have.  The important thing is to come just as you are and we'll take care of the rest.


Who benefits from therapy with us?


We work successfully with individuals who struggle with the symptoms of mental health challenges and relationship difficulties.  Here are some of challenges we work with:

-chronic worry

-panic and physical anxiety

-grief and loss


-being overwhelmed and burned out

-life transitions


-perinatal and postpartum mental health


-relationship challenges both for individuals as couples or families

-poor communication in couples

-parenting difficulties


-teen/adolescent mental health




What insurance do you take?


If you plan to use insurance, remember that you will be given a medical diagnosis to submit for reimbursement and must meet medical necessity to use insurance for therapy.


Megan: Kaiser Permanente HMO and PPO, Premera, First Choice, LifeWise, Lyra Health, and Out-of-Network Plans

Kariah: Kaiser Permanente HMA and PPO, Premera, First Choice, Cigna, LifeWise, Lyra Health and Out-of-Network Plans

What are your Out-of-Pocket Rates?


Currently, our rates our $175 for the initial Session and $150 for follow up sessions for 45 minutes to 1 hour of therapy.  These rates are subject to change on a yearly basis.


Does insurance cover couples counseling?


Medical insurance covers therapy for a diagnosis.  If you are seeking treatment for your mental health diagnosis, you are welcome to bring a guest (spouse) to support you in your journey.  However, true couples counseling treats the couple as the client.  In order to do effective and true couples counseling, we aren't able to diagnosis the couple and therefore cannot submit for reimbursement for couples counseling.  This can be really confusing so please let us know if you have any questions.


Do you seen teens and children?


Yes!  We do see teens and children.  If we are seeing your child, we expect that you will be involved and understand that much of the success of children is for parents to be supportive and part of the therapeutic process.  



If you have other questions, please let us know. 

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