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Some perspective please | Counseling for Depression and Anxiety in Tacoma

June (8 of 1)Let me tell you about this photo for a minute.  From the photo, it could be said that she is standing in a beautiful flower field, perhaps at the base of a mountain with the sun peaking in at the top right corner.  Ahh….

Well, it’s not the case.  She is actually in the weeds of a construction site.  This happens to be one of the last spots where they have yet to pour concrete but everything all around her is marked for upcoming building.  There are homes all around and the sun is reflecting off a home that I tried to avoid photographing by crouching just a bit lower.

With a little perspective, we can find beauty all around us and within ourselves.  Sometimes we are so distracted by the negativity, that we fail to see the good, the beautiful, the peaceful, the wonderful, the precious, and don’t allow these to fill our mind, and therefore our lives.  The next time you’re feeling negative about something, take a step back, look for the silver lining or the beautiful that may be hidden within you.  You might find strength that overcomes a challenge, connection with others that only exists in sharing deep emotions, or blessings in disguise.  I challenge you that there is always something good to be found.  When that is your quest, your brain will begin to notice it little by little until it becomes a regular practice.  I have driven past these flowers a million times and were irritated that such beautiful weeds existed in a construction site with a un-photogenic background.  I decided to get my camera out and was determined to find something good.  I think you can probably tell what I feel about the result of this little quest.  🙂

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