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In case you missed it...

If you didn't make it to the live session, that's okay!

We have the recordings available for purchase.  All recordings are of our live classes, but do not include our Q&A at the end to protect our participants' privacy. 

Recorded classes are $60.


Sexpectations Part 1

Explore concepts such as desire, arousal, and normalcy when it comes to your own individual sexuality.

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Building Partnership

Learn about concepts like invisible work, mental load, and hidden messages that cause conflict with communication and leave people feeling alone.

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Sexpectations Part 2

Come learn how to take what you've learned about yourself and build a helpful dance with your sexual partner.

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All Things Boundaries

It's become quite the buzz word and you hear people talking about their boundaries and setting or not crossing boundaries.  Come learn what boundaries really are, what they mean to relationships, and how to implement well-thought out boundaries that keep relationships AND the individual doing well.

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Money & Relationships

Learn what makes talking about money so hard in relationships, what are the mindsets that come into relationships, how they are shaped by our histories, and how to learn to work collaboratively on making a money plan.


Communication for Connection

Learn the nuts and bolts not always discussed when learning how to communicate with those you love the most.

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Sexpectations Part 3

This class follows our parts 1 and 2 in learning about how to keep the sexual spark burning in a relationship, recognize the obstacles, and building protections against expectations and everyday challenges across the lifespan.

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