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The Relationship Hub:

Learning skills for all. things. relationships.

We have dreamed for years of offering relationship skills to you in a way that can be convenient, affordable, and easy.  We want to give YOU the tools you need to progress and continue growing in the relationships that matter most to YOU.


Your relationships matter..

Maybe more than almost anything...

The impact of relational health is significant to both mental and physical wellness.  Without intact relationships, we see the fallout in more emotional suffering and mental illness.

Whether you are in therapy currently, considering therapy, or want to prevent an erosion of your relationships, consider our workshops to enhance your skills for improved relationships and overall improved wellness.


Here are the details...

Cost of individual therapy 1 Hour for around $150-200

Cost of ~2 hour skills class $65...

...And leave with home practices, implementation strategies, useful tactics, and increased understanding for how to improve skills.  

2023 Relationship Hub Topics

* Workshops will be held live on Zoom for 1.5 to 2 hours at 10 am PST.
Because this isn't therapy, but education, join us from any location!

January 14th 2023:

Communication to Build Connection

Communication is key. The experts tell us that almost 80% of communication is nonverbal. Many conflicts that arise in couples come from missteps in communication and being able to communicate accurately.  Learn to make small changes in communication that can have big impacts to move beyond the argument and build connection. 

$65 for January Class

February 4th 2023:

Sexpections: Building Helpful Expectations in the Bedroom

Sex can be fun AND it can also be the what often trips couples up. Sex is such a common topic in couples conflicts, that we wanted to give you some insight and guidance on how to navigate all things sex.   From small miscommunications to bigger issues that are impacting your relationship, this class is a great place to start. Create connection, build reasonable expectations, and increase helpful communication to build a satisfying sex life.

$65 for February Class

March 4th 2023:

Self Esteem and its Impact on relationships

How we show up for ourselves can also reflect the way we show up in our relationships. Struggling with self esteem is a challenge many have experienced. Left unattended, low self esteem can have significant impacts on your wellbeing and on the health of your relationships. Learn how to navigate the pitfalls of low self esteem, the skill set to build it up, and watch your relationship with yourself and others deepen.

$65 for March Class

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$165 for 3 Classes

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