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The Relationship Hub:

Classes focused on learning skills for all. things. relationships.

Have you needed something more in your relationships?   Perhaps you're struggling with communication with your partner?  Perhaps you don't feel seen and understood?  Maybe, sex has been a struggle?  Maybe you want to talk and your partner is never ready or you need space when your partner is always wanting to talk?   Have you ever felt like you wanted therapy to progress more quickly or are you someone that really doesn't want to go to couples therapy?  Maybe you have read the books and felt overwhelmed by all you need to do?  Or, maybe you have tried to figure out what your behavior is that is causing a wedge in your relationship?  

Do any of these sound like you? If so, you have come to the right place.  MANY, MANY people struggle with how to get their relationship to a good place and keep in there.  You've tried reading the books, you've actually gone to counseling, or maybe you're in counseling right now.  Maybe you know there are things to work on, but you actually don't know what they are.  Maybe there are conflicts that keep happening, and you haven't figured out why you fight all the time.  This is where we come in.

We have dreamed for years of offering relationship skills to you in a way that can be convenient, affordable, and easy.  We want to give YOU the tools you need to progress and continue growing in the relationships that matter most to YOU.


Your relationships matter..

Maybe more than almost anything...

The impact of relational health is significant to both mental and physical wellness.  Without intact relationships, we see the fallout in more emotional suffering and mental illness.

Whether you are in therapy currently, considering therapy, or want to prevent an erosion of your relationships, consider our workshops to enhance your skills for improved relationships and overall improved wellness.

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Here are the details...

Cost of individual therapy 1 Hour for around $150-200

Cost of ~2 hour skills class $65...

                                                              ...And leave with home practices, implementation strategies, useful tactics, and increased understanding for how to improve skills.  

2023 Relationship Hub Topics

* Workshops will be held live on Zoom for 1.5 to 2 hours at 10 am PST.
Because this isn't therapy, but education, join us from any location!

April 1st 2023:

Communication to Build Connection

If you didn't get it in January, it's back for April!

Communication is key. The experts tell us that almost 80% of communication is nonverbal. Many conflicts that arise in couples come from missteps in communication and being able to communicate accurately.  Learn to make small changes in communication that can have big impacts to move beyond the argument and build connection. 

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$65 for April Class

May 6th 2023:

Sexpectations Part 2

This class follows our part 1 in learning about how to improve desire, arousal, and move towards a more successful sexual experience in a relationship.

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$65 for May Class

JUNE (TBD) 2023:

Building PartNerSHip

For so many couples, the forces outside of the special couple relationship can be fierce, devisive, and erode away the vibracy of a  relationship.  This class will focus on what these forces are that tend to drive wedges in relationships (both systemic and individually), how to seek for and improve collaboration, and build a lasting sense of partnership.

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$65 for June Class

Buy 3 courses and save $30!
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$165 for 3 Classes

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