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The Relationship Hub:

Classes focused on learning skills for all. things. relationships.

Do you need    something more in your relationships?  

> Are you struggling with communication?
>Do you feel unseen and misunderstood?

>Do you need to talk, but your partner is never ready?

>Do you need space, but your partner wants to talk?

>Do you want couples therapy to progress more quickly?
>Are you unsure if you want to go to couples therapy?
>Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to improve your relationship?

>Do you know what is causing a wedge in your relationship?


Do any of these sound like you?

If so, you have come to the right place.  MANY, MANY people struggle with how to get their relationship to a good place and keep in there.  You've tried reading the books, you've actually gone to counseling, or maybe you're in counseling right now.  Maybe you know there are things to work on, but you actually don't know what they are.  Maybe there are conflicts that keep happening, and you haven't figured out why you fight all the time.  This is where we come in.

Your relationships matter....  Maybe more than almost anything...

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The impact of relational health is vital to both mental and physical wellness.

 When people aren't relationally well..
>Mental health suffers and relationship problems are often catalysts of depression and anxiety.
>Physical health suffers including nutrition and sleep.

>Families and communities suffer with divorce, financial strains, emotional abuse, and continuing to build cycles of poor relationship skills.

The Classes!

Here are the details...

Cost of individual therapy 1 Hour for around $150-200

Cost of ~2 hour skills class $65...

                                                              ...And leave with home practices, implementation strategies, useful tactics, and increased understanding for how to improve skills.  

2023 Relationship Hub Topics

* Workshops will be held live on Google Meet for 1.5 to 2 hours at 10 am PST.
Because this isn't therapy, but education, join us from any location!

Oct 7th 2023, 10 am

Anxiety & Relationships

Anxiety occurs in approximately 2 out of 3 individuals in the US.  Anxiety is often misunderstood and treating it can be tricky.  Come learn about how anxiety both impacts the individual and how anxiety impacts a couple.  Learn how to be supportive but also focus on your own work to build a healthier self and healthier relationship.  

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Nov 11th 2023, 10 am

People Pleasing

People pleasing is a learned practice in securing your value.  Come learn with us the impact that people pleasing has on the self and the relationship along with learning ways to move away from these types of behaviors that don't serve you or ultimately your ability to be have healthy relationships.

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Dec 2nd 2023, 10 am

Supporting a Partner in Mental Health

How do you keep your relationship going when mental health challenges become a part of the dynamic?  Come learn how to support a partner who is struggling, take care of yourself and still work on your relationship.

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Buy 3 courses and save $30!
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$165 for 3 Classes

Missed a  class?  Click here to buy a recording!

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